Watch Eric B. And Rakim Name Their Top 5 Hip-Hop Songs Ever

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Watch Eric B. And Rakim Name Their Top 5 Hip-Hop Songs Ever
Source: Mass Appeal/YouTube

The duo put their love and knowledge of hip-hop together to create a collaborative top five.

Eric B. and Rakim have offered their top five favorite hip-hop songs ever.

While in attendance at Mikey Likes It ice cream shop in honor of hip-hop’s 45th birthday, the pair spoke with Mass Appeal about their five hip-hop songs of all time.

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Eric. B kicks the list off and names Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight,” with Rakim taking care of the next three: Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5’s “The Message,” T La Rock’s “It’s Yours” and JAY-Z’s “Hard Knock Life.”

However, making the fifth pick almost leaves the pair stumped.

“There’s so many,” he says. “Nas, Jay like you said, LL, Run-DMC.”

Then, Rakim comes in with the final choice: M.O.P.’s “Ante Up.”

“The illest record ever,” the rapper says. “The Illest s**t ever.”

Prior to this, Mass Appeal spoke with Nas about his five favorite hip-hop songs ever.

At first, the Queens-born MC is asked to name 45 of his favorite hip-hop songs, to which he insists he could even name 50 but will instead just name the first five that come to him.

“‘Rebel Without a Cause’ by Public Enemy. No-brainer. Eric B. and Rakim, ‘Eric B. for President.’ ‘It Takes Two’ by Rob Base and E-Z Rock. Rest in Peace E-Z Rock,” Nas begins before ending out his top five with a track from Slick Rick and Run-DMC.

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