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Watch Nas Name His Top Five Favorite Hip-Hop Songs Of All Time

Watch Nas Name His Top Five Favorite Hip-Hop Songs Of All Time

Watch Nas Name His Top Five Favorite Hip-Hop Songs Of All Time
Source: YouTube/Mass Appeal

The Illmatic rapper listed off some of his favorite hip-hop songs ever in honor of hip-hop’s 45th birthday.

Ever wonder what Nas‘ top five hip-hop songs of all time ever are? Well, the Nasir rapper revealed his top five in a new video for Mass Appeal.

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At first, the Queens-born MC is asked to name 45 of his favorite hip-hop songs, to which he insists he could even name 50 but will instead just name the first five that come to him.

“‘Rebel Without a Cause’ by Public Enemy. No-brainer. Eric B. and Rakim, ‘Eric B. for President.’ ‘It Takes Two’ by Rob Base and E-Z Rock. Rest in Peace E-Z Rock,” Nas begins.

The rapper’s last two selections become more of a challenge as he decides on one track each from Slick Rick and Run-DMC.

“‘Children’s Story’ by Slick Rick. Wait, ‘Mona Lisa,’ Slick Rick. Wait. ‘La Di Da Di.’ Yeah,” the rapper says before doing the same for the latter rap group.

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“It’s either ‘Sucker MCs’ by Run-DMC, ‘It’s Like That,’ by Run-DMC, pick any Run-DMC. ‘Peter Piper.’ ‘My Adidas.’ I’ma go with ‘Sucker MCs’ by Run-DMC. That’s one of the most important records. Ever. Ever. Ever.”

Lastly, Nas gives an honorable mention to MC Shan and Marley’s 1985 record “The Bridge.”

Check out the video above. Recently, Nas revealed that he was working on another album before Nasir, his project with Kanye West, and that it would be coming out soon.


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