RZA Salutes Bruce Lee with New Song “Be Like Water”

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The track appears in an upcoming 30 for 30 special on the legendary martial artist.

RZA has released the new song “Be Like Water” in tribute to the late Bruce Lee.

The track is set to be featured in ESPN’s 30-for-30 documentary, Be Water, which centers on the life and impact of the iconic martial artist. A longtime kung-fu flick scholar, RZA tells  The Undefeated, “Bruce Lee melded so many different styles of martial arts with moves from Muhammad Ali, philosophies from Taoism and Buddhism, but he was also conscious of [people like] Malcolm X and the struggle of black America. It shows up all in his work and his persona.”

The Wu-Tang Clan producer and co-founder has been a vocal steward of kung-fu cinema throughout his career, stitching scenes and themes from his favorite films into the group’s joint and solo albums. Earlier this month, RZA launched his new movie streaming platform, 36 Cinema, with a screening of the classic, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang.

Hear RZA salute Bruce Lee on the new song “Be Like Water” above. Tune in to ESPN tonight at 9pm for the premiere of their latest 30-for-30 special.







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