Teaser For ESPN’s Upcoming Bruce Lee Doc Highlights Muhammad Ali’s Influence On Him

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Teaser For ESPN's Upcoming Bruce Lee Doc Highlights How Influential Muhammad Ali Was On Him
Screengrab via ESPN

The documentary, titled Be Water, debuts Sunday, June 7.

A teaser trailer for ESPN’s forthcoming 30 for 30 documentary on Bruce Lee has been released.

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The almost minute-and-a-half long trailer features voiceover from the late Lee as he offers his thoughts on the idea of style as it pertains to fighting.

“Many people come to instructors and say, ‘Hey man, like, what is the truth? You know, will you hand it over to me?'” Lee says. “So there one guy would say, ‘Now I’ll give you my Japanese way of doing this.’ And another guy will say, ‘I’ll give you the Chinese way of doing this.’…I personally do not believe in the word style. Because of style, people are separate. They are not united together, because styles became law.”

As the teaser goes on, there’s a brief moment that highlights how Muhammad Ali was influential on Lee, with the late martial artist’s brother, Robert, recalling how Lee would watch tapes of Ali fights after training.

“He was open to all of these different types of influences,” another voiceover explains. “What he would study would be where their power was coming from, and he would think about what worked better for his particular body.”

The documentary, which is titled Be Water, debuts on ESPN Sunday, June 7 at 9 pm EST.

“Be Water is told entirely by the family, friends, and collaborators who knew Bruce Lee best, with an extraordinary trove of archive film providing an evocative, immersive visual tapestry that captures Lee’s charisma, his passion, his philosophy, and the eternal beauty and wonder of his art,” ESPN said of the forthcoming documentary via Forbes.

Be Water is one of a handful of documentaries ESPN is releasing following the conclusion of its The Last Dance docuseries.

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