Magic Johnson Doesn't Know How To Play The Favorite Rappers List Game

Magic Johnson Doesn't Know How To Play The Favorite Rappers List Game

Magic Johnson Doesn't Know How To Play The Favorite Rappers List Game

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Not only did he list 60 rappers but he, well, you’ll see.

Magic Johnson has become the latest person to share a rap list and, well, it’s something.

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The retired professional basketball player shared a list of 60 rappers on Twitter Wednesday, with his top two being the inverse of Mike Tyson‘s (Johnson thinks Tupac is better than Biggie while Tyson believes Biggie is better than Tupac), which is followed by LL Cool J and Run-DMC.

However, after those four, things get interesting. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that Johnson’s remaining 66 entries are listed in alphabetical order. So Jay-Z and Nas, who’ve appeared pretty regularly in the top five and 10 of people’s lists, appear as number 28 and 42, respectively, because of this.

A number of people have picked on the fact that the rest of the list is in alphabetical order.

Last week, Tyson shared his own list of top 50 best rappers.

Both Tyson and Rosenberg have Biggie in their top spot. After Biggie, Tyson then lists Tupac, which is then followed by Rakim, Nas, and Jay-Z.

Tyson had gotten some discussion in his comments about the list, with many of them saying Tupac deserves the top spot over Biggie.

@miketyson shoulda put PAC where he really belongs! No.1!! – definitely not a spitter like Biggie but he changed the game and became a larger than life icon. Iron Mike will know what I mean by this. Can’t hear seeing a Tyson list with anyone before Pac,” one user wrote.

“Big over pac champ?” another user wrote.

Some also noticed how Kendrick Lamar was absent from the list (he is not absent from Johnson’s list), while other argued that Eminem should’ve been higher on Tyson’s list.

Nevertheless, most of us at Okayplayer believe that this rap list game should take a break for at least a month.

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