Lupe Fiasco Says He Reached Out To Nas To Do A Joint EP

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"I’ve Not Heard Back Yet": Lupe Fiasco Says He Reached Out To Nas To Do A Joint EP
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Lupe Fiasco just released a joint EP with Kaelin Ellis.

After recently releasing the House EP alongside Kaelin Ellis, Lupe Fiasco hopes to do another EP but with the one and only Nas next.

In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Ebro Darden, Lupe addressed rumors that he was working on a project with the New York rapper.

“We talked about the Amy Winehouse record, right? It was like, go in the studio, Nas has a bunch of blunts there — he’s obviously ready. … It’s like, ‘Oh, what are we doing? What am I stepping into? What are we finna do right now?’ The conversation that we had was incredible — it was unbelievable,” Lupe said. “And then it went into, ‘Ok, so what are we doing? What do you want to do?’ And I told him about the Amy Winehouse piece. I was like, ‘This is what I’m engaged in right now, conceptually—maybe it tickles your fancy. … It just tapered from like, ‘Ok, let’s see, whatever.’ Then Nas goes on to be Nas, Lupe goes on to be Lupe. So that’s kinda where it ends.”

“I have Nas’ phone number, so I’m feeling myself maybe a month ago and I was like listening to some beats, going through the concepts,” he continued. “… I was just like, ‘You know what, let’s do an EP. Life is short, COVID-19. Let’s do an EP.’ I’ve not heard back yet.”

Lupe discussing the possible Nas collaboration begins at the 10:50 mark. Last year, fans began to speculate that Lupe and Nas might be collaborating after an image of the two in a studio was shared on social media.

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