Will The Roots Move To The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon?

Jimmy Fallon Roots Tonight Show

UPDATE: ?uestlove broke his silence on the subject of the whether The Roots will follow Jimmy Fallon when he moves to the Tonight Show, speaking to Fuse TV at today’spop up performance for RBMA. ?uesto starts off by pointing out that “The Tonight Show is coming to us” and reaffirming what we’ve been saying all along, ie that The Roots will stay with Fallon for the move. However as he points out, all that is “still a year away…anything could happen.” Watch below for the full Q&A:

Even before yesterday’s official statement from NBC announcing Jay Leno‘s departure from The Tonight Show after 22 years to be replaced by Jimmy Fallon in the spring of 2014, rumors were flying and one question kept coming up: Will The Roots be joining him? Of course, to us, the question seems a bit silly because…a Jimmy Fallon talk show without The Roots band? Imagine–how would that even work, exactly? I mean, who would slow-jam news?

So will ?uesto may have to get used to being called ‘The Funk Doc Severinson’? The fact is, the official statements have made no mention of The Roots, and both Jimmy and ?uestlove have been keeping quiet on the subject. Meanwhile, Black Thought and percussionist Frank Knuckles have let it be known via twitter that the band is staying. Nothing can officially be confirmed but it’s our understanding that Jimmy has every intention of taking The Roots with him–and why wouldn’t he? The band have been instrumental in making the show what it is…don’t believe us, juh watch (scroll down)

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