Lupe Fiasco's 2004 Track "Hey Lupe" Finally Gets Official Release

Lupe Fiasco's 2004 Track "Hey Lupe" Finally Gets Official Release

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1st & 15th co-founder Charles “Chill” Patton recently re-released the track on his three-song playlist Chill’s Spotlight.

15 years after its release, Lupe Fiasco‘s “Hey Lupe” has been released for streaming. Charles “Chill” Patton, Lupe’s mentor and business partner, recently released the video along with a three-song EP Chill’s Spotlight.

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In a statement to the Fader, Patton recounted the track’s origin story.

“I vividly remember the day Lupe recorded this song. I got the beat from the producer and played it twice for Lu while we were riding in a white Suburban, 20 minutes later we made it to the studio and he immediately went in and knocked out the whole song — verses, hook, adlibs, etc. It was natural for him, but not so natural for me to see this, and I had been around some of the greats. This is when I knew he was a Monster!! It’s been in the vaults for many years, and now we are excited to share it with his fans.”

Additionally, Lupe released an official video for the track, widely regarded as one of his best. The track was originally recorded in the sessions before his 2006 debut Food & Liquor. Watch the video below.

In related news, Lupe will be performing Food & Liquor in its entirety for the first time in his hometown, Chicago. The event will be a part of the Red Bull Music Festival happening in Chicago this month.

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