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Fresh Prince of Bel Air Remake
Fresh Prince of Bel Air Remake
Source: Sun Squared Media

This Fan-Made Trailer Reimagines What 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ' Would Look Like in 2019

Fresh Prince of Bel Air Remake Source: Sun Squared Media

The iconic show gets a 2019 facelift.

This year, Will Smith's iconic TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air turns 30. With no official remake or reboot in sight, it's up to fans to carry the torch.

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A fan-made trailer from Sun Squared Media imagined what the iconic show would look like in 2019...and it looks much different.

Instead of a full comedy, the 2019 Fresh Prince Prince has the feel of a dramedy; the trailer features some of the same tones, and color schemes of an episode of Atlanta.

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We're sure Will Smith would be proud. Check out the trailer below.