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NFL owners considering penalty for anthem kneeling: report
NFL owners considering penalty for anthem kneeling: report
Source: NFL

Update: NFL Approves Rule Penalizing Players Who Kneel During the Anthem

NFL owners considering penalty for anthem kneeling: report Source: NFL

Update two: NY Jets chairman and CEO Christopher Johnson spoke about the NFL's new policy restricting protests during the anthem.

Johnson told Newsday:

If somebody [on the Jets] takes a knee, that fine will be borne by the organization, by me, not the players...There will be no club fines or suspensions or any sort of repercussions. If the team gets fined, that's just something I'll have to bear.

Making this more interesting is the fact that his brother Woody Johnson is a NY Jets owner and Donald Trump supporter. In fact, Woody is currently serving as the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom.

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Update: The NFL has approved a new policy that would penalize teams if one of their players doesn't stand for the national anthem. The new policy also removed the requirement that players had to be on the field during the anthem, meaning players can stay in the locker room and come out after the anthem is done.

The new policy states:

All team and league personnel on the field shall stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem. The Game Operations Manual will be revised to remove the requirement that all players be on the field for the Anthem. Personnel who choose not to stand for the Anthem may stay in the locker room or in a similar location off the field until after the Anthem has been performed.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement after the policy change was announced:

The NFL player's union also responded to the policy change, stating that they were not consulted in the change:

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The NFL is still trying to figure out to handle protests before games

It's going on two years since Colin Kaepernick started kneeling during the national anthem. NFL owners are still trying to find ways to combat the situation.

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On Tuesday, owners met and discussed a plan to penalize teams whose players kneel during the national anthem, according to Sports Illustrated. The meeting was labeled as a "privileged session" featuring owners and "family members."

The plan they came up with: give a team a 15-yard penalty if one of the players kneels during the national anthem.

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This new development comes as the NFL is fighting lawsuits from quarterback Colin Kaepernick and safety Eric Reid. They are both accusing the NFL of collusion.

Source: Sports Illustrated