Scottie Pippen Weighs in on the LeBron Vs. MJ Debate: "The Comparison is Unfair"

Scottie Pippen Weighs in on the LeBron Vs. MJ Debate: "The Comparison is Unfair"

Scottie Pippin Weighs in the LeBron Vs. MJ Debate: "There's No Comparison"

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Who’s better LeBron or MJ? Scottie has an opinion.

For the last couple of weeks, LeBron James has gone on a historic playoff run. He has been playing out of his mind.

Here’s a glance at what his stats look like, from Alex Kennedy ‏of HoopsHype:

Because of LeBron’s play, the greatest of all time conversations have heated up. Not only is Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James a legit debate, it’s one that is constantly being had.

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The latest to step into the neverending LeBron vs. MJ debate is Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen. The hall-of-famer played alongside Jordan for 10 seasons.

When asked about who was better, Pippen gave a thoughtful answer with a lot of nuance. Pippen said that it’s hard to compare the two, because LeBron has to do so much more on his team. (Largely because Lebron’s teammates aren’t very good.)

Here’s a part of what Pippen said:

“LeBron plays in a different role than what Michael was as a player. In all fairness to Michael, he was never asked to do things that LeBron can do for his team. He had a lesser role. And statistically, that’s why you’re seeing LeBron’s numbers are far better than Jordan’s numbers in terms of what he’d do throughout the whole game. We didn’t utilize Michael to do things that the Cavs utilize LeBron for. So the comparison is unfair.”

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Funny enough, last night LeBron scored 44 points in a 111-102 over the Boston Celtics. In that game, he surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for most field goals made in NBA playoff history.

Like we said, the debate is getting close.

Watch the Scottie Pippen video below.

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