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Rhett Frazier

What sounds do you expect to hear from contemporary self-proclaimed funk/Soul bands? Going a step further - What sounds do you look for in contemporary blue-eyed soulcats? The slick throwback mix of disco and soul heard in the early years of Jamiroquai (before they went SoCal/Soft Rock on their last album), or the lighter fare from Adam Levine and the lads (I hope not). In today's climate you want a band that’s funky, has enough swagger and distance from top 40 playlists to make you feel cool and proud to share with your hip co-workers.

Rhett Frazier, Inc. has the blues with a touch of funk. Not funky like (the lords) P.Funk or early Commodores, more funky in that new wave Brooklyn hipster way. They make you move, think and feel cool all at the same time. Cosmic brilliance delivered via a well-stirred pot of soul, jazz, rock, funk and gospel. With it’s occasional, unintentional and tribute-like resemblance to Steely Dan (minus much of the gloss and heavy production) the album Everyday Is Saturday feels extremely organic and down to earth which gives it an endearing quality not found in--well let’s say for the sake of comparison, Maroon 5.

Opening strong with the title track, the moods run the gamut – funky/bluesy (“Everyday Is Saturday” and “Workin”), bluesy/laid-back (“Secret Pieces” and “Private Hell”) and straight soul (“Hard Man”). This album sounds like what happens when a band has creative freedom. While this album is spontaneous, grounded and all kinds of good, it is not as unique as one would want from a band blessed with the aforementioned creative freedom. This is not a condemnation by any stretch; as I, for one, will keep this around for a while. Looking for something new and good, Everyday Is Saturday is worth checking for.

- Enyi