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Photo Credit: Okayplayer

'On Demand': DVSN on How Jermaine Dupri Helped Craft 'Working On My Karma'

In the first episode of our new series On Demand, DVSN sat down with Okayplayer to discuss romance, legendary R&B acts and their new album Working on My Karma.

DVSN are telling it all to Okayplayer. In the first episode of our new series, On DemandDaniel Daley and Nineteen85 interviewed each other to talk about their new album Working on My Karma, their favorite R&B acts and more.

Working on My Karma was released in late October, helmed by DVSN's viral single "If I Get Caught."During their conversation, Daley talked about the album's title being in the making since the release of their debut project SEPT 5TH.

"I kind of wanted R&B to have a new direction...which is having the fundamentals of the classic stuff and the conversation that is of today, which is how you end up with records like "What's Up" and stuff like that."

When asked about their favorite "singing in the rain R&B" artists, Daley listed classic acts including Boyz II Men, Usher and Ray J who famously sung in a downpour in the 2005 video for "One Wish."

Nineteen85 also spoke about their recent work with Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox, calling the two "song based," in comparison to Noah "40" Shebib.

"The shape and sound and all the other stuff comes after that where 40's probably the opposite. Even on the record, there's a couple records where we had to re-approach the production a bunch of times."

Watch the full video below

DVSN recently spent some time with Okayplayer where they talked about their career trajectory and "If I Get Caught." Speaking about the polarizing reaction the song got, Daley said:

“It’s how loud and proud it was said, which we knew. If it was just me singing, you guys would have taken it completely differently.”

Read our full interview with DVSN here.