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31 10 2017 1 van 9
31 10 2017 1 van 9
Photo Credit: Ilyas Gün

Maségo Reveals the Best Piece of Advice DJ Jazzy Jeff Ever Gave Him [Interview]

Masego 16 715x1073 Photo Credit: Phillpp Raheem

Maségo took time out of his busy schedule to speak about how women influence his music

Maségo knows his moment is coming.

The young 24-year-old rapper seems to have it all: looks, charm, charisma, and a playful sense-of-humor. Oh, and he has the music.

The self-taught musician — he knows how to play the sax and piano — has already gotten co-signs from the likes of  Solange Knowles, GoldLink and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Last year, he released the two biggest hits of his career, "Navajo" and "Tadow."

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The Virginia-native is now busy working on his official debut album. Lucky Maségo was able to sit down with us to talk about women, the best piece of advice DJ Jazzy Jeff ever gave him, black history month and...women, again.   

Check out the interview below.

Okayplayer: What does Black History Month mean to you?

M: Black Panther — the whole movie. No, I think Black History Month is kind of like… cultural unity. Black Panther is just the first thing I thought about. People were tweeting about having a certain outfit to go watch the movie, throwing like Black Panther pre-parties. What do they call them? Pre-games? But I think that’s what it is — it’s just kinda like celebrating your history.

OKP: How do you plan on using your platform to celebrate black love?

M: Can’t say that on camera. [Laughs] Nah, I feel like my Instagram story and how I talk about the different women that I interact with. That’s my expression of black love. I meet a lot of women.

OKP: How are the women?

M: [Laughs] I need some context, what do you mean?

OKP: What is your relationship with the women?

M: I just like to brag about the cool women I meet. I feel like my next music is about an extraordinary woman that I’ve met. So my relationship is kinda like… some really cool platonic relationships and some situationships as well. It’s pretty much just putting a light on and really respecting some of the women I’ve met.

Like...this pole dancer from New York was dancing to one of my songs. And it wasn’t even like some real crass type of thing, she was like a ballerina almost. So I think I want to attract more women like that, so that’s what this is all about. That’s my type of shorty.

OKP: Are you looking to settle down anytime soon?

M: Nah, I’m twenty-something. I’m willing to be proven wrong though. But it probably wouldn’t work out.

OKP: What does your future soulmate look like?

M: I don’t know what she looks like. I definitely know she’s classy, but reckless. She kinda has a sensual but goofy vibe to her. It’s all about balance, because I get bored quickly. But at the same time, I can be boring because I’m in the studio every day. So I figure it’s all about finding someone who’s a good balance. But there’s no look. Especially when you start traveling, you be thinking, “I need me a little whatever girl.” There’s so many shades and stuff, that I’m just open to whatever.

Masego Speaks On True Obsession With Women, Michael Jackson Moment & Being A Fan Of JID Photo source: Instagram

OKP: How would you describe your fashion style?

M: I feel like after touring, after going to different countries, I just started to get a love for it. I appreciate the meticulous thing about Japanese fabric, Italians – how much pride they have in their clothes. And I’m really in love with Vivienne Westwood’s everything. I don’t know. I just feel like before I didn't care about fashion because I just thought of it as like a status thing, saying “I have this, you can afford it.” But it kinda turned into an expression on a deeper level. It’s like, I’m not just wearing some clothes just cause whatever. It’s like, I know the story behind it. I look up all the history behind it, even the bougie ones like Balenciaga and Givenchy.

I like wearing clothes for a reason. Like, all month for Black History Month, I’ve been wearing black women on my shirts. I got Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton,Patti Labelle… I got like 50 of them.

OKP: You got them lined up by day?

M: All day, yeah! We got what — 28 this month? 

OKP: How has this passion for females and fashion inspired your music or image in recent months?

M: I feel like, honestly, my whole brand is women [laughs]. I can’t tell you a song that’s not about a woman in some way.

OKP: Are you a player?

M: No, you can ask anybody. I’m a sweetheart. It’s like a balance. See — we’re in a time where everybody is getting got for [sexual harassment]. I interact with the women that are attracted to me — that come into my sphere. I’m not out here trying to bag no shorty because it’s futile. If a woman wants my attention and she allows me to talk back to her, then we have a cool situation. That’s all it is.

Masego Speaks On True Obsession With Women, Michael Jackson Moment & Being A Fan Of JID Photo source: Instagram

OKP: What’s the latest on your album?

M: I announced that I was starting to work on it in January. We’re smack in February. I’ve been in the studio every day just working on it. It’s been a fun process, but I think it’s just a matter of doing it even bigger than last time — in the sense of the things surrounding the music. So, like, how I’m dressing, how the sounds are on the album, the environment. I care about those things now. I’m taking my time. I mean, "Tadow" got 20 million . We kinda out here.

OKP: What’s the best piece of advice DJ Jazzy Jeff has given you?

M: What did this man say to me… [laughs]. He said a bunch of things. Basically, don’t lose the sauce in music. I guess the meaning behind it was, we like to seek the best beat, the best song. But if you got like a rough demo, don’t lose that energy, that essence that made it so nice to begin with.

OKP: If you had one song to pick to tell your story, what would it be?

M: Man, my favorite song? What do I like performing a lot… I think “Tadow” would be my favorite just because… I mean, it was freestyle, so it could have just gone on for like 16 hours. It really could have. I love that style of music because I literally looked out the window and this woman literally reminded me of this girl I met like a year ago. And it just went on this whole freestyle rant. When I’m making a beat from scratch like “Tadow,” that song could become whatever. So, that’s my favorite.

OKP: Who’s the most played artist on your phone?

M: Who would probably get the top spot… probably Smino. His song “Kompany...” is probably up there. I love him.

OKP: Who’s your dream collab?

M: Who is out of my reach out right now? Because I really can text a lot of people… man. Who can I not reach? Oooh, Rihanna. She outta my reach right now. Wait until this album drop, though. If she’s heard of Boogie, she gon’ hear of me.

OKP: What about a rapper?

M: I’m tough on rappers. I don’t really like them. Let me see… I love JID right now. I think he’s gonna be something. He’s cool. Looks like he got a nice persona, like he’s sincere. I like him a lot.

Shirley Ju is a Los Angeles-based writer who grew up in the Bay Area. She lives, breathes, and sleeps hip-hop, and is literally on top of new music the moment it is released. If there’s a show in L.A., you can find her there. Follow the latest on her and on Twitter @shirju.