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Yasiin Gaye - "B Stands For Beef" [Soul Mates Tribute]
Yasiin Gaye - "B Stands For Beef" [Soul Mates Tribute]

Yasiin Gaye - "B Stands For Beef" [Soul Mates Tribute] + Bizarre Tribe Lecture Teaser

Yasiin Gaye - "B Stands For Beef" [Soul Mates Tribute]

Yasiin Gaye's back with another thorough exposition of mash-up styles, blending Marvin Gaye's "T Stands For Trouble" with the Mos Def track "What's Beef" in a purée of boom-bap sensibilities and good ole' funk textures. Amerigo Gazaway (the man behind Yasiin Gaye) displays yet again his ability to seamlessly blend the sublime musicianship of Motown's Funk Brothers with the lyrical tenacity of Mos' vocal tracks into one all too fitting package that excites through and through. After premiering Side One (The Departure) of the project just a few months ago, this latest installment simply goes to prove that Amerigo is the wizardly mash-artist that we all knew he was.

As if that weren't enough to keep the beat junkies at bay (get it?) Amerigo will be delivering a lecture of sorts at USC next week, speaking to his various mash exploits including his Bizarre Tribe project, which will blend samples used by the East Coast's purveyors of backpack funk A Tribe Called Quest with the slurred rhyme-saying of the West's original Black Hippy crew The Pharcyde. So if you're out yonder, make sure to peep the mash professor as he delivers his dissertation on the ills of copyright law and speaks to the value of remix culture at-large when he takes to the podium April 9th. Lets keep the love spinning in honor of the marvelous one's legacy and rock with the latest from Amerigo Gazaway's astral Yasiin Gaye blend and peep the short teaser for his USC appearance below.