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Marvin Gaye x Yasiin = Yasiin Gaye (single cover)
Marvin Gaye x Yasiin = Yasiin Gaye (single cover)

Yasiin Gaye - "I Want You 'Til The Summertime" + Side 1!

Marvin Gaye x Yasiin = Yasiin Gaye (single cover)

Yasiin Gaye is here! As promised, the brilliant Marvin Gaye x Mos Def remix project from Amerigo Gazaway is due today Tuesday, February 25th and Okayplayer is proud to premiere the 2nd single from the project "I Want You 'Til The Summertime" (the 7" mix, to be specific). I am not just talking yang when I say every leak from this project is more satisfying than the last and this Mos x "Mercy Mercy Me" hybrid monster is no exception. I thought "Inner City Travelin' Man" was gonna be my favorite shit ever until I heard "Anna's Love Song" and then that was my favorite until I heard this one. Best of all, you can decide what your next favorite is going to be almost immediately because Amerigo & crew have released the rest of the project all at once--scroll down or cop it via bandcamp.

That last statement is a little bit untrue or at least misleading--in the best possible way. The 'rest of the project' is actually only Side 1: (The Departure) but in defiance of all real-world microgroove vinyl technology, Side 1 contains a whopping 13 tracks, including an interlude interloop of "T Plays It Cool" from the Trouble Man soundtrack, possibly my favorite beat of all times. That gives you quite a bit to wrap your soul around until we get Side 2: (The Return) in a few weeks time! Mercy. Mercy. Me.

UPDATE: Yup, "Ms. Fat Booty" is my new favorite now--at least til I get to "Peculiar Mathematics." Scroll down to stream all 13 tracks on Side 1!

Marvin Gaye x Yasiin = Yasiin Gaye (Side 1)