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The Wu-Tang Clan Share Their Plea For "A Better Tomorrow" In A Powerful Clip
The Wu-Tang Clan Share Their Plea For "A Better Tomorrow" In A Powerful Clip

The Wu-Tang Clan Share Their Plea For "A Better Tomorrow" In A Powerful Clip

The Wu-Tang Clan Share Their Plea For "A Better Tomorrow" In A Powerful Clip

Even before the tragedies of Ferguson, Staten Island and last night's most recent victim of a failing criminal justice system at one of the busiest intersections in LA, The Wu-Tang Clan has been offering us glimpses at A Better TomorrowTheir reunion album has proved to be as socially sharp as anything we could have expected from the Shaolin crew, offering us hope that we may get through the pain and outrage of losing countless sons and daughters at the hands of those who are meant to protect us. Below you will find a video for the title-track of their comeback piece, compiling footage from the funerals of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, as well as the protests that have been taking place across the country and even statements from The President regarding their slayings.  Join The Wu-Tang and the world in hoping for A Better Tomorrow, watch a powerful visual for their latest single and read their words below.

Wake up... wake up

Wake up...

Wake up, get a hold of your life, go get your cake up

The motto in the streets is you eat, or you get ate up

Straight up, you tired of waiting, go get your weight up

My peoples tired of waiting for reparations to pay us

Screaming Jesus can save us, I, I get the Bentley if I save up

But that's just another trick to enslave us

Push the minimum wages

Put, put our fathers up in them cages

Then watch out when mother struggled to raise us

But, but my ambition won't let me live in this poor condition

That doesn't care about color, creed, or your religion

Priests, politicians gotta listen to opposition

From my position, we still ain't got a pot to piss in

From my position, we still ain't got a pot to piss in

Allah said to save the babies from the cold

Pour wisdom in the cup so the truth overflows

Still, knowledge is that bread that keeps us well-fed

Old time religion will not bring us satisfaction

Without action now who can disagree with me?

God is not a mystery, there's nowhere in history

That you could show and prove to me

But still you face east and nod your head to me religiously

I'm G-O-D, to infinity, for real

The world won't get no better

If we just let it be

The world won't get no better

We gotta change it yeah, just you and me

Poor reparations, the Bush administration

Unequality, martial law, segregation

False hood, false teaching, false education

Now's the time for us to come amongst this nation

They deceiving us, they don't believe in us

They believe in that Cream like Julius Caesar

I'm like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X with the heaters

Ripping the chains of the remains of all of the leaders

Never worship the image if we were swine eaters

I'm on the back of the bus with two fine divas

We in the jungle of life, but never jungle fever

I'm God-body all day long, spiritual life lessons

That I recite with song

Trying to wake up everybody, can't we all get along?

For all my people that's out there persevering through the storm

Black fist, Staten Island, stand up, stand strong

Penetrate through the gate and bring the Clan along

Wake up and realise the times

That we living in the world is getting more iller than ever

Thought we was chillin', striving change for the better

But it was a dream like Martin Luther

He had a vision that could move a mountain

Protect one another, that's world to my brother Malcolm

As-salamu alaykum, alaykum as-salam

We want justice, police supposed to protect and serve

And then they shoot us down like wild animals

The nerve of them cold-hearted killers

With blue suits slaying our black youth

The earth cries from all the blood that's being spilled

We need a solution fast, get InshAllah bill

Let me educate them, translate it meaning God's will

It goes all in together, together how we are

To stand with a plan, provided we down to fall

And that's the Willie Lynch tactics that separated the masses

Taught us all to think backwards