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Gun Rights Group Launches ‘What Would Django Do?’ Campaign

Gun Rights Group Launches ‘What Would Django Do?’ Campaign

Jamie Foxx draws his gun in a still from Django Unchained

In an effort to reach African-American voters, Political Media–the organization behind the recent ‘Gun Appreciation Days’–has initiated a new campaign centered around Quentin Tarantino‘s blockbuster Django Unchained and the slogan “What Would Django Do?” as reported in the Hollywood Reporter:

Larry Ward, president of Political Media, a company that designs websites and organizes ad campaigns for right-of-center organizations, said hundreds of thousands of people participated in Gun Appreciation Day, crowding gun stores and gun shows and demonstrating at various state capitals nationwide.

He’s hoping for similar success with his follow-up effort, dubbed “What Would Django Do?” Ward plans not only a campaign but a nonprofit organization that would bear the name, though he acknowledges he hasn’t sought permission from Tarantino or from The Weinstein Co., the studio behind Django Unchained.

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Where to start with this one exactly? Leave aside the fact that Ward and Political Media have not actually sought permission from Tarantino or Jamie Foxx for using their characters and/or image in the campaign. Leave aside the fact that even the OFFICIAL Django Unchained action figures were shut down for being too controversial. Definitely leave out the amazing timing of launching this campaign on the heels of comments from Ward himself that Martin Luther King, Jr. would be pro-gun if he were still alive–because if “African-Americans had been given the right to keep and bear arms from day one” then… slavery would not have happened??. Leave all that out and concentrate on the fact that Ward is hoping this will be as successful as “Gun Appreciation Day”–during which 5 people were shot during incidents at 3 different guns shows.

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