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What Inspires Apollo Brown?

What Inspires Apollo Brown?


Detroit producer Apollo Brown discusses music and inspiration with TheBeeShine for their ‘What Inspires’ series – an archive of short interviews with virtually every producer worth noting. Anyone they have missed, they will undoubtedly get to down the line. In this interview Apollo Brown cites his hometown as a major source of inspiration. His ultimate desire as a producer is to build a legacy that leaves him to be remembered as a consistent producer in the court of collective memory. He does not express a desire to be associated with hits as much as he would like to be remembered for producing music with a certain level of great and unwavering quality. Apollo Brown also likes to keep his joint projects personal, demanding that collaborators be willing to work in the same space. Otherwise, he isn’t interested. Whether you agree with his sentiments or not, one look at Apollo Brown’s discography should quell any urges to disagree with his methods. The Mello Music Group producer has placed his stamp on a laundry list of solid, if not downright classic projects, including The Brown Tape – his recent take on Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge‘s Twelve Reasons To Die. Check the footage below. Purchase The Brown Tape via Soul Temple Music.


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