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Okayplayer TV: Wale At Roots Picnic!

Wale turned out the crowd at Roots Picnic (and I do mean ‘turned out’ in the fully gendered, panty-throwing and female screams sense of the term) and then built with the OKP TV crew backstage. In this segment the D.C. ambassador speaks on his go-go roots, ‘preciates on The Roots, Michael Jordans these rappers and then wipes his nose with these rappers.¬†With those urgent matters out of the way, he then gets pretty candid about the challenges he currently faces in attacking his third album (currently slated for a December release, as he reveals here) ie the difference between the close-your-eyes, grindin’/savin’-for-that-Benz flow and the I-already-got-2-of-’em flow. Watch and get some life lessons on the meaning of “Ambition” along with your “Lotus Flower Bomb”s (full credits after the jump).

Wale backstage at Roots Picnic 2012, Okayplayer TV interview


Allison Swank – Senior Producer
Emmai Alaquiva – Director | Editor | Producer | Cinematographer
Sinat Giwa – Production
Rory Webb – Production | Interview
Jordan Gilliam – Audio Management
Alex Goldblum – Data Management

Myo Campbell
Alex Gaylon
Riley Graham
Zach Isaac
Yahya Ismall
Rob Lee
Dominique Taylor

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