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Unreleased Basquiat Art From 1979 To 1981 To Be Displayed Soon
Unreleased Basquiat Art From 1979 To 1981 To Be Displayed Soon
Photo Credit: Lizzie Himmel

Unreleased Basquiat Art From 1979 To 1981 To Be Displayed Soon

Unreleased Basquiat Art From 1979 To 1981 To Be Displayed Soon

A collection of unreleased work from Jean-Michel Basquiat will be unveiled this December at X Contemporary, a satellite event of Miami's Art Basel.

In a report from Art News the exhibit will feature a range of Basquiat's work — including paintings, collages, and drawings — created by the artist between 1979 and 1981, in his good friend Lonny Lichtenberg's New York apartment.

Curating the display will be another of Basquiat's close friends, Al Diaz. The name Diaz might sound familiar, considering he's the artist Basquiat collaborated with during his graffiti days, creating the infamous SAMO graffiti tag that was painted throughout the streets of downtown Manhattan in the late 1970s.

The show, hosted by Brooklyn's Bishop Gallery, will run from November 30 to December 4, at Miami's Nobu Hotel.

This news joins other recent Basquiat exhibit announcements, including one that's happening in the UK. London's Barbican Centre is hosting Boom For Real, the UK's first large scale Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition, which will feature over 100 of the late New York artist's works, with his most famous paintings lined up alongside notebooks and drawings.

"The creative brilliance and emotive power of Basquiat continues to have a huge impact and influence on a wide range of artists, filmmakers, and musicians," Jane Alison, the Barbican Centre's Head of Visual Arts, said in a statement. "This will, therefore, be a rare opportunity for visitors to see a huge body of some of his most famous and also little known works in one place."

"[Basquiat] is an artist who manages to be so completely of his moment, we look at his canvases and it transports you to New York in the 1980s," Eleanor Nairne, the exhibit's curator, told the Guardian. "And yet at the same time he is incredibly proto contemporary, in terms of the way he is working, the sampling of all his reference points."

Basquiat's sisters, Jeanine and Lisane, are also involved with the UK exhibit.

Boom for Real will open on September 21, 2017 and run until January 28, 2018.