Ugly Heroes (Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent, Red Pill) - "Heroe's Theme"

Ugly Heroes (Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent, Red Pill) - "Hero's Theme"


Ugly Heroes presents “Hero’s Theme”, the second single from their self-titled LP out today on Mello Music Group. Detroit producer Apollo Brown teams with Chicago MC Verbal Kent and fellow Motor City resident Red Pill to form Ugly Heroes – a hip-hop group informed by the hard scrabble working class issues and aesthetic that often go untouched in rap. Their self-titled debut is lead by “Graves.” They follow strong with “Hero’s Theme” – the latest track to emerge from the project dense with piano and the dearth of morale that comes standard with a life of punching the clock. This joint is one chapter of a project that plays like a dirge for anyone who has ever died on the inside at the back of a row of cubicles, tending an assembly line or squeezing into an overcrowded soup kitchen. The Ugly Heroes drop their boom-bap opus for all of the folks who turn to crime when the C.R.E.A.M. and second chances run dry. Apollo Brown brings this monster to life with a robotic cadence of hi-hat and snare that plays like a death march, while Verbal Kent and Red Pill fill the spaces with poignant words on the brilliance beneath the rust of everyday life. Every good hero needs a theme song and this joint sounds like a winner. Check the Ugly Heroes’ “Hero’s Theme” below. Purchase Ugly Heroes’ self-titled LP via iTunes. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Apollo Brown, dropping today!

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