Tune In Now To Hear Solange Conduct Group Therapy On ‘Questlove Supreme’

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Tune In Now To Hear Solange Conduct a Therapy Session On 'Questlove Supreme'

Tune In Now To Hear Solange Conduct a Therapy Session On 'Questlove Supreme'

Surely you’ve all had a moment to heal with Solange‘s gorgeously poignant new album A Seat At The Table. Think-pieces have been written, remixes have already arrived. But outside of only a few instances, the singer, producer and writer of the watershed 2016 record has spoken little of her latest studio outing and what having one of the most politically and socially-minded releases of the year means to her, nevermind the rest of us finding brief moments of solace in it.

Cue: today’s episode of Questlove Supreme where Solange sits with our favorite internet radio crew (comprising Phonte, OKP alum Brainchild and the man himself, Questo) to conduct a little group therapy over three hours in the studio. And best of all, it’s happening right now on Pandora, to help you see your way through the national mental health crisis that’s taken hold since November 8th, 2016. Hit the link below to tune in and if you’ve yet to grab your copy of the record, hit iTunes for the digital release and head over to The Shop to pre-order your vinyl 2xLP, shipping out on December 9th.

>>>Listen to the latest episode of Questlove Supreme with Solange (via Pandora) 




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