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The Prince Tributes Will Be All Over Tonight
The Prince Tributes Will Be All Over Tonight

The Prince Tributes Will Be All Over Tonight And Rightfully So

The Prince Tributes Will Be All Over Tonight

Today, the terrestrial world lost a bonafide icon. A man who embodied mastery over his craft and image, and demanded nothing less of his peers. Prince was simultaneously every man and no man at once; a pristinely purple enigma that radiated sexuality, poise and excellence across the board. The weight of this loss can barely be expressed in words. And so, on a night that will surely see a world in sorrow, we beg you to celebrate this most exceptional life in music the way we imagine he would have always wanted it; through music itself.

Tonight, selectors and musicians the world over will be throwing their own personal vigils in honor of The Purple One, spinning the hits and deep grooves that he's left with us all. They will sweeping and copious, no doubt, so we've decided to compile a short list of venues and events where purple patrons can mend their broken hearts and step to the dance electric. Brooklyn and Minneapolis will be hubs, but far from the only corners of the states where one can partake. So scroll through and take note of your nearest tribute location down below. Bask in his eternal glow. In the words of the deceptively-wise Walter Sobchak, "Good night, sweet Prince."

Brooklyn Bowl - Bowl Train - The Prince Edition - with Talib Kweli (Brooklyn, NY)

First Avenue - All-night free dance party (Minneapolis, MN)

40 Acres And A Mule Studios - Spike Lee's We Love You Shockadelica Party (Ft. Greene, BK)

Make Out RoomSweater Funk & Friends Celebrate Prince (San Francisco, CA)