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Nai Palm of Hiatus Kaiyote gets a Tarot reading for OKP TV's In The Cards
Nai Palm of Hiatus Kaiyote gets a Tarot reading for OKP TV's In The Cards

Hiatus Kaiyote Gets A Tarot Reading For 'In The Cards' [OKP TV]

Nai Palm of Hiatus Kaiyote gets a Tarot reading for OKP TV's In The Cards

When it comes to the quality a band needs to make it in this world, Hiatus Kaiyote has it all. Amazing future jazz sound; check. Incredible line-up of talented musicians; check. A rare talent in striking lead singer and songwriter Nai Palm; check. A distinctive neo-primitive look  that instantly sets them apart as their own tribe of young soul rebels; check. The co-sign from Kingmaker and Flying Buddha label-head Salaam Remi; check. A killer cameo from Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest on their standout jam; microphone check. But let's be real. In the post-industrial wasteland that is the music game in 2013 NONE of that guarantees a successful career in music. None of it. In fact it's kind of a cosmic crap shoot. In this anything-could-happen moment of viral videos, fake twitter-followers and global megastars you have to have more than talent, the total package and time on your side to break through to the winner's circle--you need the stars to align and the heavens to open up right over your stage show or studio session.

So we decided to find just exactly out where Hiatus Kaiyote's stars were at, you know, in their alignment process. Accordingly, we asked Nai Palm to conjure up her own ideal vision of the band's future and then sit down for a reading of the tarot cards at Catland ("Brookyn's premier metaphysical boutique") to find out whether her vision matched with what was, literally, in the cards. Not surprisingly, given the ethereal, bohemian vibe that Nai and the rest of the Kaiyote collective have gathered around themselves, the question she brought to Damon Stang--our tarot expert--did not revolve around commercial success so much as her wish for HK to travel the world and collaborate with musicians of many different cultures. To find out what Damon had to say (and listen in as Nai shares the results of his reading with the boys in the band, specifically Perrin Moss and Simon Mavin) hit play on first installment of what we feel might be a whole new Okayplayer TV segment called: In The Cards. Watch below and cop Hiatus Kaiyote's essential LP Tawk Tomahawk (via iTunes):

Videographers: Kevin Ornelas + Allison Swank

Editor: Jake Remington (Collabo!)

Sound: Greg Scott

Tarot cards read by Damon Stang at Catland NYC