Tanya Morgan "Eulogy" [Official Video]

Tanya Morgan "Eulogy" [Official Video]

by shamz
October 24, 2013 4:03 PM

Tanya Morgan

Things aren’t all peace and peachy throughout Tanya Morgan‘s latest LP, Rubber Souls. There’s a decided mood shift with their latest track “Eulogy.” Says Von Pea: “To me … the video represents the lost/empty feeling we all feel at times when dealing with an adversity.” Donwill adds his take on the video’s overall vibe stating, “It’s what the serenity associated with death feels like, visually.” Video directed by Joey Angerone. TM’s 6th Sense produced LP, Rubber Souls, is in stores now. Oh, and speaking of Donwill, make sure you catch him and Wyatt Cenac at the OKP Halloween edition of Shouting At The Screen.

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