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Lenny Kravitz, Grace Jones, Lauryn Hill, Lion Babe, Thundercat, SZA & More Rock The Afropunk Festival 2015 in Brooklyn, NY. continues to spread the gospel of green living with "7 Ways To Eat Good While On A Hood Budget." The article penned for Plant Based On A Budget offers a list of great pointers for people in food deserts working to lead healthier lifestyles. stic speaks from experience, referencing his own journey in order to emphasize points about the longterm value of a healthy lifestyle; the article is a no-excuses quick start guide for everyone from people shopping for groceries on tight budgets to those privileged enough to shop regularly at Whole Foods. He warns of packaged foods, improper hydration and failure to get the proper amount of physical activity to achieve or maintain optimal fitness. The common sense guide is a truncated version of the philosophy stic has made into a movement with the RBG Fit Club. Check the text below to read an excerpt from the article. Take a look at the clips below to get a better idea of stic's fitness regimen, nutritional values and beliefs. Read the full text of the article at Get more advice from and purchase The Workout LP via

People often say things are not possible that they haven’t truly dedicated themselves to figuring out. Many of us say it’s too expensive to eat healthy but we spend and waste a lot of money that could have been spent in a wiser manner. The reason that many of us think health food is expensive is because we are not clear on what health food is. Health food is not going to Whole Foods and stocking your pantry with fancy processed boxes and packages of this and that. Health food is simple and is the least expensive most nutrient dense food in the grocery store, basically fruits and vegetables, beans and simple whole grains. Those are affordable staple foods and even on a food stamp budget (I know from experience) have been scientifically applauded for their health benefits.

It’s important that we not be intimidated by all the health information nor swayed by all the different opposing views on what health is. A lot of it is simple common sense, if you will. We know a bag of chips isn’t a health food. We know that McDonald’s isn’t exactly a health food restaurant either. We can begin to take ownership and be ever vigilant in studying and learning all we can to educate ourselves on how to make healthier choices. Do your own research and take ownership for your health. To live a healthy life its not about always depending on the doctors and medications. One has to in essence become a lifelong student of your own holistic health so you can make wise choices for yourself and your families. Most graduating Doctors spend very little class time studying nutrition when getting their degrees. So they may have a lot of knowledge on surgery and medicine but few mainstream minded doctors are trained in Nutrition. They are trained to diagnose symptoms and prescribe medication, for the most part. However, a holistic nutritionist (as opposed to even a conventional nutritionist) is trained to help us understand the ways in which our food choices can help us heal and keep us healthy without the use of medicines and surgeries.