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Spike Lee x Pepsi Create 'Visual Soundtrack' For World Cup [Trailer f. Kelly Rowland - "The Game"]
Spike Lee x Pepsi Create 'Visual Soundtrack' For World Cup [Trailer f. Kelly Rowland - "The Game"]

Spike Lee x Pepsi Create 'Visual Soundtrack' For World Cup [Trailer]

Spike Lee x Pepsi Create 'Visual Soundtrack' For World Cup  [Trailer f. Kelly Rowland - "The Game"]

Spike Lee is no stranger to the marriage of music and film - he's been actively participating in the art space for over a decade. Earlier this month Lee teamed up with Pharrell to direct the livestream of his Apollo show, now Pepsi is teasing the trailer for the Spike Lee directed, Kelly Rowland track "The Game" off of Pepsi Max's Beats of the Beautiful Game Album set for full release on June 16th. As PEPSICO describes it, "the album is an exclusive collection of 11 anthemic songs and companion short films, or 'filmtracks,' that capture the indelible international spirit, sights and sounds of the world's most popular game – football. The visual album will unite chart-topping musicians with award-winning directors to showcase the inextricably interwoven power of music, film and sport."

This visual album is a celebration of different artistic talents and intertwines two art forms that up until now existed mostly in service of one another. With Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game, we are finally elevating these artforms to an equal plane and showcasing them on a global level. The 'beats' are both musical and visual snapshots that speak to the spirit of football culture, where songs serve as inspiration for the films – and the films allow for greater interpretation of the songs. - Frank
Frank Cooper III, Chief Marketing Officer, Global Consumer Engagement, PepsiCo Global Beverages Group. - See more at:

Lee, as he always does, was able to capture the rough and raw spirit of the streets of Brazil while still presenting it with international appeal. The trailer for the video features a child kicking a ball through the streets making the sport truly feel like it is engraved in the culture and lives of the people of Brazil. Spike is also no stranger to Brazil - he shot one of two  Michael Jackson "They Don't Care About Us" videos in Brazil. No wonder the video captures the same cinema verité beauty never ignoring the truth, showcasing both the bright and dim side the lens can capture. Beats Of The Beautiful Game features some of our favorites like Janelle Monáe and Santigold. Check out the trailer for "The Game" below and scroll down to check out the full tracklist. Tracklist: Santigold – Kicking Down Doors Rita Ora – I Will Never Let You Down (Switch Remix) Janelle Monáe – Heroes Don Omar – Pura Vida R3hab – Unstoppable (feat. Eva Simons) Jetta – Crescendo Kelly Rowland – The Game Timbaland – Whoever We Are (feat. Rachael Assil) Hassan El Shafei – Ahlam Men Gedid (feat. Hossam Habib) Jolin Tsai I-Ling – Now Is the Time Pearls Negras – Guerriera The full album's track list includes: Janelle Monae, "Heroes," with film by The Young Astronauts R3hab feat. Eva Simons, "Unstoppable," with film by Idris Elba Don Omar, "Pura Vida," with film by Jessy Terrero Kelly Rowland, "The Game," with film by Spike Lee Rita Ora, "I Will Never Let You Down (Switch Remix)," with film by Diego Luna Santigold, "Kicking Down Doors," with film by Andy Morahan Timbaland staring Rachel Assil, "Whoever We Are," with film by The Kolton Brothers Jetta, "Crescendo" Pearls Negras, "Guerreira," with film by Cine Favela Jolin Tsai, "Now is the Time," with film by Cai Yiqi Hassan el Shafei, "Ahlam Men Gedial" Beats Of The Beautiful Game Pepsi World Cup