The Okayplayer Interview: Sean Price On Mic Tyson, Mambo Sauce & Mayhem

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Sean Price

Pound-for-pound Sean Price is one of the ruggedest, most colorful and talented emcees that ever did it; spitting rhymes that slap you up-side the head, grab you by the shoulders and shake the shit out of you. One can’t help but to take notice of what the brother has to say and appreciate the way he says it. With a double major in Brownsville Brooklyn/Boot-Camp-Clique ( BCC)  grindology, the dude ain’t to be taken lightly cause he lets you know off-top “I feel like I’m a brute!” Now who wan romp?

On his latest release, Mic Tyson, Price is right in channeling that The Thing vs. The Incredible Hulk blunt-force mayhem into one of Brownville’s most famous pound-for-pound title holders, Iron Mike Tyson. That “baddest man on the planet” aura is prevalent. This fusion of grimy wordplay and bull-in-china-shop bravado culminates in the dark, gruesome urban novel called Mic Tyson. OKP’s Mel Blunt recently got with Sean to get insight on the project.

Sean Price: Ahh shit, Okayplayer baby! I feel like I’m big time now baby. Y’all be having Musiq Soulchild on there; Cody ChestnuTT, and now y’all got Sean Price. Every time that I’m on Okayplayer, I feel like I’m stepping my game up.

OKP: Man, you’re that eccentric type of artist, that rare breed we like to feature.

SP: I see the kind y’all have on there, don’t get it twisted, I like those artists, I’m not dissing.

OKP: What was your preparation like for the Mic Tyson versus your preparation for the project that you recently did with Guilty Simpson?

SP: Let me make a statement before I answer this question. I live a very regular life, so these answers are not going to be fascinating with big paragraphs-I doubt it. I’m not eloquent. Like sometimes I read Talib Kweli interviews; he talks so beautiful, eloquent I mean. I want to talk like that but I can’t.

OKP: Just do you, we want Sean Price baby.  That’s what we got you on for.

SP: Listen, it ain’t really no preparation my G, It’s like somebody will be like hey, got some beats. I come through, the next thing you know, I do four songs then I bounce, I don’t do shit for a while. When I get that buzz again, l I do about five [songs], Then I’ll do like one every day for like a week then disappear. The next thing you know, I’ve got like 40 songs, and I’m like what the fuck?

OKP: What do you want people to take away from listening to the Mic Tyson project?

SP: I just want them folks to be like, YOOO! –from track 1-18 this dude was spitting some bullshit! This n**ga went in; he was like spittin’ some bullshit with the bars. I ain’t the best MC, but when it comes to the shit I do, I’m the best MC.

OKP: I like the word play of the the Mic Tyson project title, love the art work. Given the title and the art work, could you take me a little deeper into the symbolism?

SP: Black people have this thing about calling themselves apes and monkeys I know they get real (whatever) and I don’t blame em’. But I feel like I’m a brute. I am, but I’m smart though. I’m not a dummy.

I used to have a dream like-and I know shit gonna’ sound crazy, I told it to Alchemist once and he told me; “don’t ever say it again.” I have this reoccurring dream that I’m in the park, you know Bristol Park where we used to hustle in Brownsville. They have this big baseball field with a stage, and everybody’s out there looking at me. I’ve got no shirt on but I have boxing gloves on; you know like the warm-up gloves, fingers out. They bring out King-Kong, then I knock King Kong out and everybody cheers.  I swear that I’ve had this dream 100 times.

OKP: I’m hip, I’m hip! Where do you come up with lines like “wild as Hanna Barbara barbarians?” Also I like the Frankenberry and Solomon Grundy allusions that you worked into the songs.

SP: Well young Sean, after school I’d run home because I couldn’t miss the Hanna Barbara World show.  The Herculoids, The Impossibles, Birdman, Frankenstein Jr. That shit was crazy, especially the Herculoids.

OKP: The Herculoids were wild man; Grog was a beast-he was always the closer!

SP: The Fantastic Four-that shit was crazy. Yeah, Johnny Quest–whatever was stamped Hanna Barbara, I was with. Straight up. Thundarr the Barbarian was one of em’. (Hanna Barbara Barbarians, I mosh better than you and your entourage pause, y’all burying.)

“Frankenberry” was actually part 2 of a record,  you see Master P, me, and Buck had a song called “Frankenstein,” and if you listen to it we kind of rhyme on it the same way that we do on the new song. So part 2, you know-“Frankenberry.” Plus I like to slap strawberry milk out of [nuh’s] heads anyway. That’s for you big strawberry milk head nuh’s. That’s those dudes you come across when you’re sitting in a class with like 6 people and one of em’ has a big head–Frankenberry.

OKP: Who are your Top 3 producers?

SP: Ahhhhh! 9th WonderAlchemist, ahhh…Alchemist and Khrysis.

OKP: Now speak on some of the producers on this project.

SP: Uhh, 9th Wonder, I have Alchemist (laughter). I got 9th Wonder and his whole crew, The Soul Council. The Soul Council is 9th Wonder, Khrysis, my boy, Eric G., Amp and some other really sharp brothers.

OKP: In D.C. Amp is short for Anthony or Ant and even Anf. But that’s neither here, nor there.

SP: Nah. Nah, Nah, Nah homey; we’re talking about D.C.?

OKP: For sure, if you remember, the last time you and I spoke, we touched on the D.C. staple of chicken wings and Mambo sauce. Yeah, I got the place for you…

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