Saul Williams Reclaims MLK Day w/ Essay + “All Coltrane Solos At Once” feat. Haleek Maul

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Saul Williams teams with Haleek Maul on the new song “All Coltrane Solos At Once” – an exploration of the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. from Williams’ forthcoming Martyr Loser King LP. The essay and track combine to form a massive and thoroughly nuanced commentary on the act of rebellion – the oft-neutered root of King’s work and legacy – according to the punk, funk and fire of black performance art.

No country for revisionist rhetoric, the essay is an electrifying indictment of the establishment that deconstructs the Disney-ized “Land of the free bullshit they serve us with the hotdogs” imagery at the heart of American idealism and replaces it with the cold, hard truths of the injustices that have been suffered by people of color in the United States in a matter of movements.

Connecting the dots, Williams brings his examination of the issue full circle with a discussion of how those past issues have contributed to the unbalanced and tenuous relationship between people of color and the U.S. Criminal Justice System. All of this is set against the cognitive dissonance, crude solos and visceral, hollering gut churn of free jazz. Check the track below to stream “All Coltrane Solos At Once.” Scroll down to check out the text of the closing poem from Williams’ essay. Read the full piece via FADER. Stay tuned for more from Saul Williams.

Unanimous Goldmine
All Coltrane solos at once.
Twist them horns
’round the necks
of each equation
& expand
upon multiples
of death.
We were crowded
into the shitbins
of a floating toilet
dreaming of an Afterlife.
Memory stored in a cloud.
in sea-major.
The winners
of religious thinking
praise books
for bookends.
Here, is the invention
of the astronaut.
First Nation
Sweat ceremony
in a spaceship.
To imagine hell
is privilege.
Paint a dreamworld
solid enough
to hold us.
Held by
blocks of time,
margins & calendars,
divisions of labor
contracts: social & otherwise.
With each kiss
in direct co-relation
to stars & seasons,
the ability to
calculate distance,
harness power,
stem cells,
erect mobile mansions
capable of projecting destruction
at greater & greater will,
what could be keeping us here?
Here is what death is like:
Life without fear.

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