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Premiere: Watch This Dance Crew Light Up Santigold's "Chasing Shadows"
Premiere: Watch This Dance Crew Light Up Santigold's "Chasing Shadows"

Watch This Dance Crew Light Up Santigold's "Chasing Shadows" [OKP Premiere]

Premiere: Watch This Dance Crew Light Up Santigold's "Chasing Shadows"

Lil Buck, Jon Boogz & Myles Yachts Get Down To Santigold's "Chasing Shadows"

This one's for the steppers. And the flexers. And well anybody who's here for some inspirationally fly shit. In a clear case of art-inspiring-art dancers Lil Buck, Jon Boogz and Myles Yachts took Santigold's trap-meets-doo wop jam "Chasing Shadows" off her album 99¢ as a leaping off point to show the world how they get down. How they get down is a style of street choreography called Memphis jooking. If you're not up on the scene, Jon Boogz describes it as a “footwork-based style based out of gangsta music.” The parallels with Chicago footwork, Brooklyn-based flexing and even classic Detroit jit are all there, though this is clearly it's own thing and each dancer puts their individuals stamp on it. Boogz, for instance is from Miami and incorporates the influence of salsa and dancehall moves like bruk up and gully creeper, although he cites poppin' as his stylistic foundation. Equally apparent is the level of talent at which these youths are operating, captured here beautifully in black and white against the backdrop of Venice Beach by director Rafe Scobey-Thal (they're also showing off some ultra-rare and super tuff 'Black Is Beautiful' bomber jackets by XXIII!). Perhaps the most inspiring thing about this video is that the dancers brought it at such an undeniable level that they even got blessed with permission to use Santigold's music by the golden lady herself. As Boogz tells it:

“It’s a blessing to be featured in this video and for Santigold to give us the OK for doing it because it’s like her saying, Hey, you guys can be a visual representation of my music--and that’s ultimately the goal and the strides we want to keep going for. To keep pushing it and keep showing people that dance is a powerful form of art and it deserves to be on the same level as recording artists, acting and all of the other beautiful art forms that this world provides.”

The footwork itself says the rest, we'll just add the we're extremely amped to be premiering this work of art on OKP the very first release from our cohorts at the new-brand media platform DAIS. Please note the spelling of that one, we have a feeling you're going to be typing it a lot more in the near future. Watch below: