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RZA Says That Ghostface Killah Will Be In Charge Of The Next Wu-Tang Album
RZA Says That Ghostface Killah Will Be In Charge Of The Next Wu-Tang Album

RZA Says That Ghostface Killah Will Be In Charge Of The Next Wu-Tang Album

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RZA has always been respected as the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, but during a recent visit with Sway, the producer/rapper said the fate of another group album is in the hands of Ghostface Killah.

A fan called Sway In The Morning, Sway's show on SiriusXM, to ask RZA if Raekwon and Method Man would be on the next Wu-Tang Clan album. RZA said that the answer doesn't lie with him, but with Pretty Toney.

"You've gotta address those questions to Ghostface Killah. He's taken control over that," he responded. When Sway asked him to elaborate, he said that Ghostface would be in charge of getting the members together if another group album were to materialize.

"I told Ghost, if y'all want to do it again, let's put it in his hands," he said. "He's been the most prolific, the one that's really got two feet on the ground in music. Let the best-qualified man go ahead and do the job."

When Sway asked if the other group members were fine with that decision, RZA said that he believes everyone will rally behind Ghost when the time is right. He also noted that Ghostface focuses entirely on music - unlike RZA, who dabbles in film and other endeavors.

"His way of doing things, I'm sure everybody will feel it. Ghost only does music - he doesn't jump over here, and jump over there, and jump over here," he said.

Ghostface does arguably have the most consistent solo catalog of any Wu-Tang Clan member, both in terms of quality and quantity. He has released a dozen solo albums since his Ironman debut 20 years ago, with three within the last four years - most recently 2015's Twelve Reasons To Die II. He also has the strongest working relationship with Raekwon, who held out from participating in the last commercially available Wu-Tang album due to differences with RZA. The differences were later resolved, but the dispute was more public than the group's previous in-fighting.

Ghostface spoke about the task of organizing the next Wu-Tang album in more detail in an interview with HipHopDX. The group's most recent albums are 2014's A Better Tomorrow and 2015's Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. The latter is a single copy two-disc album that was stored in a vault in Marrakech, Morrocco before being sold to pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli in an auction. There haven't been any other updates for another group album as of yet.

Watch the full interview below, or fast-forward to the 24:30 mark to hear RZA speak about the Wu-Tang Clan.