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Revivalist Exclusive: BadBadNotGood Interview

In their ongoing pursuit of future jazz (and retro science) The Revivalist asked Revive/Okayplayer contributor Fredara Mareva to sit down with Toronto-based jazz trio BadBadNotGood, who've been making waves with their covers of Odd Future (which led to an appearance with Frank Ocean at the Coachella festival over the weekend), not to mention the original compositions on their new LP BBNG2. The resulting convo goes right to the heart of where jazz is at in 2012. Read an excerpt (below) from their exchange about covering  Gucci Mane's "Lemonade" (above) and click through to Revivalist for the full interview.

My favorite track on BBNG2 is “Lemonade.” Talk to me about how you all chose to do that song. Most people don’t think “jazz” when they hear Gucci Mane.

Chester: That’s actually the first hip-hop song that we all played together. Which is pretty funny.

Alex: When we were like jamming and it was basically like a joke. I had started talking to Matt a lot because we both found out about Odd Future on the internet and we were like “Oh shit” and got crazy about it. But one thing they did was their own version of “Lemonade” so we were just jamming and playing around with it. Then Matt started playing the melody of it and it turned out to be so dope. So on the new mixtape we remade it to be this hype, going hard thing. So we go as fast as we can play the melody. It’s so fun playing it live so we figured we’d put it on the album. It’s just a fun arrangement.

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