Rah Digga x Marco Polo & Chuck D - "Storm Comin"

Rah Digga x Marco Polo & Chuck D - "Storm Comin"

Rah Digga Returns With Some Wise Words For Up & Coming MC's On The New Single "Storm Coming" Produced By Marco Polo Featuring Excerpts From Chuck D.

Rah Digga returns with some wise words for up and coming MC’s on the new single “Storm Comin” produced by Marco Polo with an outro from the legendary Chuck D. The recording combines the time-honored talents of two respected lyricists and one of the best working producers. Rah Digga discusses maneuvering in the industry and details her career choices, which flew in the face of the popular route chosen by a number of her female contemporaries whose careers were carefully built around the motto of “sex sells.” As one might expect, Rah Digga does not mince words as she delivers a potent message for sisters approaching careers in entertainment. Chuck D jumps on the track to reinforce the hard truths with a message that encourages listeners to invest in themselves and the practice of raising better sons and daughters. His statements follow his recent criticisms of urban radio and its negative impact upon communities of color. Check the track below to listen to “Storm Comin” from Rah Digga. Purchase the single via Bandcamp. Stay tuned for more.

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