Questlove Gives Fresh Details On The Upcoming ‘Roots’ TV Redux

Questlove & Black Thought Return To Philly To Launch The CAPA Foundation At Their Alma Mater The Philadelphia High School For Creative And Performing Arts.

Roots, the iconic television special that still today serves as one of the 20th Century’s key touchstones. It’s already been made public that Questlove himself will be the executive producer for the program’s music, and now, in a new interview, the legendary drummer and impresario has shared details on the upcoming Roots score, and just how crucial a role music will play in the finished product.

Speaking to EBONY, Questlove revealed that he’s written a new theme to the show, a piece entitled Binta’s Theme. “Basically,” Quest told the magainze, “they’re having this recurring motif that will somehow travel through all eras of this movie. So it starts with Kunta Kinte’s grandmother in Africa singing this to herself in the fields. And somehow this haunting melody will find its way into the psyche of whatever character.”

Questlove continued:

“So I mean, it could be Kunta on the plantation in a church and he hears something like, ‘oh damn, that reminds me of that song my grandmom used to sing,’ ” he continues. “And then Chicken George and Kizzy will hear that: ‘oh man, this is what Kunta used to sing in the church.’ And there’ll be a juke joint. And then Alex Haley will hear it: ‘sounds just like the song my aunt Kizzy used to…’ And then Alex Haley’s grandchildren will be at the EDM club.”

Roots will debut in early 2016, and much of its main cast has already been confirmed.

2016 Roots Cast

Malachi Kirby as Kunta Kinte
Forest Whitaker as Fiddler
Anna Paquin as Nancy Holt
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Tom Lea,
Anika Noni Rose as Kizzy
Chad L. Coleman as Mingo,
Erica Tazel as Matilda
Derek Luke as Silla Ba Dibba

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