Prince "She's Always In My Hair" Live

Prince - "She's Always In My Hair" Live In Vancouver

Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL Tour Opener - Vancouver

Prince leaks a live recording–straight off the soundboard!–of his jam “She’s Always In My Hair” performed at his first tour stop in Vancouver. Since this is coming via the diabolical Dr. Funkenberry–who also leaked the tour and album title news–we can safely assume that this might actually stay up on soundcloud for a minute rather than dissolving into shimmering purple gossamer like most online streams of Prince’s music.

The timing of this seems doubly appropriate since both Prince and D’Angelo–who covered this track on the soundtrack for Scream 2 (with a little help from ?uestlove)–are threatening to drop new albums for the first time in millenia (New Prince jams and a new D’Angelo single coming soon–we are seriously about to break the 7th seal on the apocalypse).┬áIn fact…do I sense perhaps some sort of ‘I Would Die 4 U’/’R&B Jesus’ rivalry developing between these two? Stranger things have resulted in classic albums so let’s hope for the worst. Listen below and if you Spotify, compare with a stream of the D x ?love version (and watch both Soulquarians speak on the significance of Prince to their musical friendship via the recent OKP TV episodes at bottom).

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