Obama's Last Slow Jam The News w/ The Roots?

POTUS Barack Obama Slow Jams The News w/ Jimmy Fallon + The Roots--For The Last Time?

POTUS Barack Obama Slow Jams The News w/ Jimmy Fallon + The Roots--For The Last Time!?!!

President Barack Obama dropped through the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to slow jams the news with The Roots…what we can only assume will be his last slow jam as a sitting president. Thought with 8 months still in the oval office we have a slim chance of slow jamming one more time before we privatize Obama, pressure was clearly intense on Barack Dubs and The Legendary to make this one for the ages. We won’t ruin all of the punchlines for you but suffice to say we got our Lemonade, we got our “Work” in, well-placed Steph Curry jokes, all the bases are covered. The real pay offs however, come with Fallon’s inability to say “slid in through the backdoor” with a straight face while the leader of the free world (the “commander in preach” if you will) is standing right behind him. Black Thought‘s break-up moment comes when Obama replies to a lyrical query about the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement with an interpolation of Treach from Naughty By Nature.

In short, right down to the cross-over, double-handed mic drop, it’s just about everything an Okayplayer could wish for in a final hard news slow jam from the man who is objectively, scientifically, the coolest President ever to take the oath of office. Let’s face it: we may have just peaked, America. Savor this moment. We’ll be looking back at it with either wistfulness or desperate sadness come November. But at least we can console ourselves by looking forward to more greatness in the very short term, as this segment is clearly just the beginning of a Fallon episode that is going to get even crazier, because Obama just walked back on set to the sound of The Roots playing Large Professor‘s “Lookin At The Front Door.” What a way to go out. Watch below…and hope retirement at least means Private Citizen Obama can just become a regular Fallon Tonight cast-member.

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