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Alton Sterling: Say His Name, Too.
Alton Sterling: Say His Name, Too.
Source: Facebook

The Police Officer Who Killed Alton Sterling Has Been Fired

Alton Sterling: Say His Name, Too. Source: Facebook

The Police officer responsible for Alton Sterling's death has been fired

Police Officer Blane Salamoni was fired by the Baton Rouge Police Department. Police Chief Murphy Paul made the announcement on Friday afternoon.

Salamoni was fired for violating the use-of-force policies in the 2016 shooting death of Alton Sterling. The other officer involved in the incident, Howie Lake II, will be suspended for three days without pay.

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The Baton Rouge Police Department also released four new videos dictating the shooting of Sterling. This includes officer-worn body camera footage. The Advocate published the footage on its site.

Here is how they described the counter:

On his body-camera video, Salamoni can be heard shouting profanities at Sterling from the moment he arrives at the convenience store, drawing his service weapon and threatening to shoot Sterling in the head if he failed to turn around place his hands on the hood of a vehicle. Sterling seems confused at times, asking, "What I did, sir?" and, seconds later, telling the officers they were hurting his arm.

"Don't fuckingmove or I'll shoot your fucking ass, bitch," Salamoni screams. "Put your fucking hands on the car. Put your hands on the car or I'll shoot you in your fucking head, you understand me? Don't you fucking move, you hear me?

After the shooting, a breathless Salamoni curses at Sterling, repeatedly calling him a "stupid motherfucking" as he lay motionless on the ground.

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This news comes days after it was announced that Salamoni and Lake II would not be charged in the shooting death of Alton Sterling.

Source: The Advocate