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Phife a tribe called quest last show kanye west thumb
Phife a tribe called quest last show kanye west thumb

OKP TV: Phife Answers "The Questions" About Dilla, A Tribe Called Quest's Final Shows w/ Kanye West + More!

Phife speaks on A Tribe Called Quest's last show w/ Kanye West + more

Phife the resident 5-foot assassin of foundational Native Tongue crew A Tribe Called Quest is a man who hardly needs a funky introduction of how nice  he is. After we had the chance to chef it up with his the one Jarobi, Phifer was next on our list of Tribesmen to track down and get the inside dope on ATCQ's Yeezus shows with Kanye West --billed as their final onstage reunions ever--as well their various post-Tribe endeavors. In Phife's case that includes a forthcoming single dedicated to every Okayplayer's favorite beatsmith titled "Dear Dilla" as well as a whole new LP dropping soon under the name MUTTYMorPHysis.

In between we bombarded the Trini Gladiator with the questions we really need answers to, like: what's the real name of the Ms. Coca Cola bottle-shape beauty who portrayed Bonita Applebum in full red black & green body paint at the Kanye shows? Remember that dancer in the "Bonita Applebum" video going HAM in hammer pants and a blowout? What was his deal? Who's a better cook--you or Jarobi? What's the craziest rumor you've heard about yourself? Have you still never had a cavity and last but not least, When's the last time YOU heard a funky diabetic? The questions--ah, The Questions! Watch our part 2 of our special Tribe Okayplayer TV mini-series to get the answers to these and more...