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Pass the popcorn memphis trailer
Pass the popcorn memphis trailer

Pass The Popcorn: Willis Earl Beal Stars In 'Memphis' [Trailer]

Pass the popcorn memphis trailer

Willis Earl Beal lends his newly found acting chops on the Sundance selected film Memphis, in which he stars as the films main-role. Outside of the narrative we already know (where Beal's musicianship and rather mysterious presence is the focus of the film) there isn't much else to divulge, except of course that this ultra-styled trailer is oozing from the seems with the blue matter that runs through that city's veins. In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Beal and the film's director Tim Sutton sit down and attempt to demystify the howling darkness of this southern-blues opus. You can watch the trailer for Memphis below, but hop over to RS to get the real scoop behind the Sundance contender.