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Okayplayer’s Black Friday Must-Not-Buy Holiday Blacklist

Okayplayer’s Black Friday Must-Not-Buy Holiday Blacklist

Black Friday blacklist: Jay Z en noir boxers, $2590 at Barney's

Repent! And hide your faces, all ye sinners, for Black Friday is upon us. For real, though–while we were turning over every single pixelated rock on the internet to see if there was any cool holiday gift ideas underneath for our Black Friday Holiday Wishlist, we also found a pandora’s boxfull a’ nasty looking grubs, weevils and scorpions, metaphorically speaking. Which serves us right, really. That’s what you should expect to find if you go turning over rocks–especially on the internet, the social institution which brought the world revenge porn and black twitter. But maybe we just didn’t expect to find so many weevils so close to our own backdoor, enough that we felt compelled to compile a special Holiday edition of our Not Okay, Player column, a shoppers guide of (bad) gift ideas for stuff you should never, ever spend your hard-earned (or even ill-begotten) money on. Without further ado we present our official Black Friday blacklist of the most must-not-have items available this Christmas shopping season. Black Friday…meet Black Twitter.

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