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Donald Glover Wakes Up Again And Again And Again In New "Atlanta" Trailer
Donald Glover Wakes Up Again And Again And Again In New "Atlanta" Trailer

Nerds Rejoice As Donald Glover Joins "Spider-Man: Homecoming"

Donald Glover Wakes Up Again And Again And Again In New "Atlanta" Trailer

Aside from dropping teaser trailers for his highly-anticipated television series Atlanta, the multi-talented Donald Glover has joined the cast of Spider-Man: Homecomingaccording to Deadline.

The Childish Gambino rapper will be on the big screen alongside Tom Holland, who made his debut as the Marvel superhero in this year's Captain America: Civil War. Inevitably, everyone's asking the same question: Who will Glover portray? Will he be Miles Morales, the teenager that takes on the role of the web-shooting crime fighter after Peter Parker dies, in the Ultimate Marvel universe? If so, how would that work (considering killing off Holland so early in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be weird)?

Regardless, Glover fans will surely be happy, considering they've been trying to get the guy to be a part of one of the movies since 2010. When director Marc Webb was originally casting the Amazing Spider-Man reboot, a number of fans started the social media campaign #donald4spiderman to get the Because The Internet artist into the Spidey suit.

Although the role would eventually go to Andrew Garfield, Glover ended up not only being the inspiration behind Morales (comic book artist Brian Michael Bendis mirrored Morales after President Barack Obama and Glover), but also voiced the character in the third season of Ultimate Spider-Man.

"[Spider-Man] can be anybody," Glover told USA Today when explaining why he loves the character so much. "Spider-Man could be a girl. Spider-Man could be an old man. You don’t know. So I just tried to be as me as possible, because you’re always just going to bring it back to yourself when you watch the show."

Until we learn more about the role Glover will be playing in Homecoming, at least we'll have Atlanta to keep us satisfied. The television series which the actor calls, "Twin Peaks with rappers," will be dropping later this year in September.

Check out the most recent trailer for the show below.