MURS x Curtiss King - "Ju$tin Bieber'$ Black Baby"

MURS x Curtiss King - "Ju$tin Bieber'$ Black Baby"

by karaslamb
January 24, 2014 6:00 PM


MURS drops a trapped out explanation for Justin Bieber‘s increasingly deviant behavior entitled “Ju$tin Bieber’$ Black Baby.” The track produced by Curtiss King finds the Mandingos frontman offering a lyrical analysis of Bieber’s antics; according to Murs, Bieber’s moves are ruled by the whims of a little black baby. The track follows Justin Bieber‘s recent arrest in Florida on a number of charges, including a DUI. Check the track below to take a listen. Feel free to offer your own analysis of the track…or Justin Bieber. Or both. Download “Ju$tin Bieber’$ Black Baby” and other tracks from MURS and Curtiss King’s $hut Your Trap EP via SoundCloud.

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