Mixtape Mondays: Erykah Badu Live DJ Set, Qool Marv x The Roots, Jazzy Jeff, Soul II Soul + More!

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.
Erykah Badu's full DJ set at Okayplayer's SXSW 2014 showcase + more mixtapes


Mixtape Mondays is here and it is awesome. Erykah Badu AKA DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown‘s DJ set (full excusive audio from our SXSW 2014 official showcase!) kick’s off what might be the most epic collections of mixes to be seen in the parts in…forever? Besides Ms. Badu on the 1200s (with a little help from Thundercat) we got DJ Qool Marv putting down a 2-hour set dedicated to The Roots, a new mix from DJ Jazzy Jeff, an all-Soul II Soul installment of the all-vinyl Twelve 12s series, r&b from hipstar Kitty Cash,, a new Sound Traveler mix from I Love Vinyl’s Jon Oliver x Record Breakin’ Music, one drop reggae from Deadly Dragon Sound, dusty grooves from Chairman Mao and (pause to suck in oxygen) once and future soul from the homie LeftO. What. Isn’t that enough for you? Go ahead and click true!

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