Mixtape Monday #008: DJ Mos, Orion Anakaris + More

Mixtape Monday: DJ M.O.S, Ally Al, Orion Anakaris, Nicholas Payton + More

Mixtape Monday Returns With Sets From DJ M.O.S. x DJ KISS, Orion Anakaris, Nicholas Payton + More.

Happy #NotMyPresident Day, America. If you’re like us then you’re using this day to celebrate the musical legacies of the late Junie Morrison and Clyde Stubblefield, instead of doing anything for President Agent Orange. This week’s episode of Mixtape Monday returns with a healthy dose of soul and some stellar tapes from DJ M.O.S. DJ KISSAlly AlOrion AnakarisNicholas Payton and more. With equal parts love and funk, Mixtape Monday also spotlights the catalog of FunkadelicNew Edition, travels the African diaspora and offers a taste of what’s to come from Homeboy Sandman.

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