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MC Serch On ‘The Champs’: Golden-Age Tales & Daytime Talk Shows

MC Serch On ‘The Champs’: Golden-Age Tales & Daytime Talk Shows

3rd Bass' MC Serch Launches His Own Daytime Talk Show

MC Serch is a man of many hats (arguably to a fault). In this installment of the never-boring Neal Brennan & Moshe Kasher hosted The Champs podcast, Serch shares an endless torrent of behind the scenes tales on Bushwick Bill, 3rd Bass, Jay Z, Nas, MC Hammer, Tupac and countless other golden-era luminaries. Amongst all the mythology blowing around the room, Serch took the time give a bit of plug to his upcoming daytime talk show launch, which is now testing in 8 cities around the country. True-shoolers take heed, once you get through plug for his show Serch (which kinda seems like its Serch sitting in for Steve Wilkos) there’s so much knowledge to take from this candid sit-down, even ?uestlove felt the need to chime in. Catch MC Serch doing the whole golden-age oracle thing on The Champs below.

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