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M.I.A. Puts The NFL On Blast w/ ‘Matangi’ Update “Boom ADD”

M.I.A. Puts The NFL On Blast w/ ‘Matangi’ Update “Boom ADD”

M.I.A. Puts The NFL On Blast w/ 'Matangi' Update "Boom ADD"

M.I.A. Puts The NFL On Blast w/ 'Matangi' Update "Boom ADD"

By now, it should be well-known just how mutual of a distaste M.I.A. and the NFL have between one another. Their not-so-private spat dates back to the Sri Lankan artist’s Super Bowl halftime show, where she capped off the performance by flipping the bird on camera. The league immediately filed a claim for $1.5 million in damages for violating a contract that stipulated their performers were to abide by a strict code of conduct, adding an ungodly $15.1 million in fines two years later when the matter had yet to be resolved. The league and M.I.A. came to an undisclosed settlement later that year (2014) but the bad blood has yet to be squashed in any shape or form

Perhaps this is best expressed by M.I.A. herself in the freshly-released update to her Matangi album interlude, “Boom Skit.” On the revamped take, “Boom ADD,” our femme fatale pulls no punches and makes her stance crystalline with a fiery barrage of verbal daggers aimed directly at the league. Clearly, she’s still got some words for the gridiron league. But y’all already knew that. Peep M.I.A.’s ferocious “Boom ADD” below. Keep it locked for more from the goddess MC in the weeks and months ahead.

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