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Marvel's "Luke Cage" Is Heading To Comic Con For Sneak Peek
Marvel's "Luke Cage" Is Heading To Comic Con For Sneak Peek

Luke Cage Is Bulletproof (But His Clothes Aren't) In New Clip

Marvel's "Luke Cage" Is Heading To Comic Con For Sneak Peek

Luke Cage, the next special Marvel series to hit Netflix, can't come any sooner. The show's September 30 premiere date is getting closer and closer, and Netflix is doing a good job of keeping us curious.

A new teaser clip has dropped in which Cage effortlessly beats up several guys in what appears to be a boxing gym.

"I guess you guys haven't heard about me, have you," Cage asks two men as they pull out guns, unaware that the guy is literally bulletproof. They empty their clips on him, bullets flying in all directions and leaving the gym in shreds. The camera pans back to Cage, his clothing riddled with holes from the bullets.

"I'm about sick of always having to buy new clothes," Cage says as he walks towards the remaining guys. The teaser ends there but you can guess what probably happens.

Luke Cage follows after Jessica Jones and Daredevil, as Marvel and Netflix prepare for 2017's The Defenders, where the three superheroes (alongside Danny Rand aka Iron Fist) will team up to fight their "biggest threat yet," according to this teaser clip released back in July.

But back to Luke Cage. What makes this series so interesting is that we're getting a stand alone show on a black superhero and, judging by what we've learned so far, it'll be done differently from its counterparts. For one, A Tribe Called Quest's Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge are scoring the series, so you can expect some great sounds accompanying Cage he cleans up the streets of Harlem.

Plus, did you ever see the official trailer? No? Here you go, you're welcome. The almost three minute clip helps to better understand what Luke Cage is within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while giving us a type of superhero that's not often represented in either movies or TV series.

Check out the teaser below.