LargeUp Audio: Los Rakas – “Africana”

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.

Los Rakas - "Africana" (single artwork)
Words by Jesse Serwer

“Si las mujeres mas buenas son las morena,” Los Rakas suggest on “Africana,” the latest single from the Panamanian duo out of California’s Bay Area. Non-Spanish speakers might miss some things in translation, but Rich and rhyme partner Raka Dun’s message on “Africana” is loud and clear: brown skinned women are the best women. No matter how you slice it, the poppy, reggae-tinged tune, produced by frequent Rakas collaborator Yeti Beats, sends a positive message to gals of darker complexion and African heritage. And if you can’t follow the lyrics, the alluring cover art goes a long way to getting the point across.

Stream and download “Africana” below, and look out for a trio of releases from the group coming up: Raka Dun’s El Negrito Dun Dun and Raka Rich’s El Flow Californiano: Vol 2 solo albums and a group LP, Panabay Twist 3: Trabajando De La Noche A La Manana. Need some more Rakas in your life to tide you over til then? Catch our LargeUp TV episode with Rich & Dun from back in early 2011.

>>>Stream/Download “Africana” (via LargeUp)

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