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Little Dragon live at NYC's Terminal 5 [Photo Gallery + Recap]
Little Dragon live at NYC's Terminal 5 [Photos by Imani Lindsey]

Little Dragon Drop The Balloons On NYC's Terminal 5 [Photo Gallery + Recap]

It's no secret that Little Dragon, Sweden's favorite electro-R&B soothsayers, come across fantastic live. Televised performances of "Paris" and "Klapp Klapp" have made that clear enough. But this weekend beneath the soaring ceiling of New York City's Terminal 5 Yukimi Nagana and co. delivered a synaesthetic spectacle of music and textured light unto a capacity crowd. Backed by pulsing neon stage lights and driven by the mighty synth work of keyboardist Håkan Wirenstrand, the night proved electrifying from note one. Doomy reverberating bass signaled the opening of "Mirror" and a set that drew heavily from this year's Nabuma Rubberband release. But, by the time the steady pulse of "Paris" kicked in, the mood had lightened considerably. With "Ritual Union" following immediately after the entire crowd became locked in step, dancing in synchronized joy.

The photos tell the rest of the story: throughout the night Little Dragon doused the room with confetti and balloons, turning Terminal 5's massive room into some sort of future-circus. Imani Lindsey of the OKPTV team captured the evening in a gallery of stunning images and has a first-hand recap of the Dragon's work below:

This was my first time seeing Little Dragon live and they were amazing! The crowd was filled with the young and the old, all in a trance, dancing their lives away with the company of Anne Hathaway and Questlove. The show was full of energy that began as a light show, turned into an explosive confetti party and ended as a balloon bounce party.

The night's encore culminated in the soft atom bomb that is "Twice", the group's biggest hit to date and a track that's been remixed so many times that by now it's certainly earned a place in the global R&B songbook. Okayplayer CEO/drummer-in-chief Questlove himself was moved by the evening, firing off a gorgeous birds-eye-view Instagram post of the band. In fact, Instagram and Youtube both have been swamped with captured moments from the show's balloons and confetti. Below for your audiovisual pleasure is an extended fan-made clip of the band charging through "Klapp Klapp," complete with a confetti finale.